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We are building the most advanced video calling solution for teaching equipped with the state of the art Artificially intelligent bots.

Video Calls and Conferencing

In order to be able to educate properly we understood the need for video streaming.

Sophisticated Tools

All home grown tools for drawing graphs, blackboard, physics simulators, ebook reader, games and more...

Artificial Intelligence

We have decided to improve the utility of the platform by integrating it with world's biggest open source language model, Bloom, to help teachers and students.



Piyush Shukla

Co-Founder in Computer Science, more than 10 years of coding experience. Physics and Mathematics enthusiast.


Mohammad Aurangzeb


Master in Science, Chemistry (Lucknow University), Former Faculty in Gravity Classes and DNA Forensics Science State Laboratory.


Equebal Ahmad


Mechanical engineer with 4+ years worth of experience in Design Engineering


Anshuma Sharma

VP of Marketing and Communications

Public Relations & Communication Specialist,Strategic problem solver and Author of Not Yet